When the motherboard goes out, does it take out the Cpu and V-card?

My north bridge is on fire cant keep my fingers on it for more than 1 sec, its only oc'ed from 2 GHZ to 2.2 GHZ. Its a E2200. I am getting a new graphics card and dont want my motherboard destroying it, i think ima get a new one and sell this one (with a slower cpu of course).

Will it kill my other stuff when/if it goes out? Is there any way to cool it?
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  1. Why is the NB so hot? Did you increase the NB voltage? I've rarely seen a motherboard destroying other components, but if I were you, I'd sure take care of the NB heat issue.
  2. If it's an MSI motherboard, replace it now! (MSI motherboards have a habit of taking other things out when they go). If it's a Gigabyte, or Asus put a fan on it.

    check out: http://www.frozencpu.com/
  3. ^ True.
  4. What feels hot to you is not always hot to a chipset. I mean i have seen many north bridges too hot to touch, but they never did die. Old passive video cards are the same as are old K7 cpu's(palomino ones where especially hot).

    Is the system in any way unstable?

    If you are worried as said above, Slap a fan on it, that always cooled down old passive video cards and chipsets I wanted to overclock with.
  5. It's a gigabyte NB and ONLY the cpu is oc'ed and its oc'ed to 2.2 from 2.0.

    I have the voltage on the cpu to its bare minimum ( i experimented to find the lowest minimum) which is 1.16V.
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  7. ChaosGS, the Gigabyte utility doesn't show the NB temperature.
  8. This is a good northbridge cooler also.

    Thermaltake Extreme Spirit II

  9. I have a 780G motherboard and the minimum temperature for the Nortbridge is 81ºC. I do not have any freezing problems unless I overclock the board.
    Is your computer freezing at times?
  10. A 40mm fan will cool it well, but i do not think it should be needed as long as it is stable.
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