Hesitant of getting higher resolution monitor with my current GPU...

Background info - I game on "HDTVs", 40" or higher, to me they are just big monitors so I just call them that, my GPU is an HD4870

I currently have an 40" monitor which is 1360x768, the resolution was good at the time but I want more now, I want something bigger like 50" but the resolution has to be higher if I'm gonna blow up the screen size by 20%

My only option with such a size is 1920x1080, I dont think there is any other option for a 50" display. I am afraid of two things...

1360x768 is a "standard" monitor resolution, 1920x1080 is not, am I gonna have issues with games where I'm gonna be forced to use a non-native resolution of 1900x1200? I've never seen a PC game with an option of exactly 1920x1080.

And finally performance, I have been using a fairly low resolution since I've had my current monitor because its only 1360x768, I cant afford to have the highest end $600 video cards so I think I will have framerate issues, I do not like running low non-native resolutions, and I realize I will get a sharper picture but framerates are equally important. I have an HD4870 right now, I know it's a pretty good midrange card but do you think it will handle 1900x1200-ish resolutions fine in demanding games for the next year? How much of a performance hit can I expect with the increase in resolution?

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  1. Oh and my other relevant specs are a C2D 6850 3.0 @ 3.5 and 4GB Ram.
  2. I think the 4870 may handle 1920*1080 with no filters (AA or AF) at medium or high setting, if it doesn't you should consider adding a second 4870 IMO
  3. This article shows you how the HD 4870 behaves at 1920x1200. If your MB supports Crossfire and your PSU is 650W or larger than pay attention to the HD 4870 Crossfire numbers too because you can add a second HD 4870.
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