My HD4870x2 has the LEDS of Death???? NO!!!

I did a new PC build and i got this video card, i was all hyped up but all that ended when i plugged it in and turned the PC on... The next thing i know is 3 red LEDS are on at the back of my GPU... what does that mean? i read somewhere that it happened because of insufficient power.. i have a 750 watt PSU idk how that would be the problem.
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  1. does the card work, in that you post good FPS in the games you play.

    cause it seems like your have a midol moment.............
  2. 750W should be enough for that video card, unless you also have a lot of other hardware. What is your complete configuration?
  3. 750 isn't enough if its not of the required +12v Amps. A 750 generic would probably not work.
  4. LOL, true. I assumed he got a GOOD power supply, since he's got the money for a HD 4870X2. Yeah, what kind of PSU is it?
  5. PSU:

    intel quad 2.8
    4 gigs of ram
    1 HDD..

    nothing really... i think the Power suppy should work..
  6. Does it seem fine? I have 2 red led's that flash twice on my 4850 when i turn my pc on, has nothing to do with the word "bad" at all, it just flashes
  7. Did you actually power the card on? What happens?
  8. I turn the computer on and the three LEDS stay on while the fan continues to spin on it's own accord...

    I've heard that they make so much heat that if you put your hand behind the card it will burn you... well i tried that and i only got cold air.

    I think the only thing working is the fan.
  9. Wow this is really strange, when i remove the 6 pin and the 8 pin power connectors the fan goes into a ultra fast mode were it makes ALOT of noise and turns very fast....

    That is so weird why would the fan go FASTER if i took the power out?
  10. marka47 said:
    Wow this is really strange, when i remove the 6 pin and the 8 pin power connectors the fan goes into a ultra fast mode were it makes ALOT of noise and turns very fast....

    That is so weird why would the fan go FASTER if i took the power out?

    You didn't pull out the cables while the card was running, did you?
  11. No no no, I'm not stupid.. lol
  12. Behind the 8 pin power connector.

  13. my 4870 has 4 leds in a row, just behind the two 6 pin plugs and another a bir furster to the right. At start up, 3 or 4 of them flash for one second and thats pretty much it. I never see them light up except start up. Is it some kind of diagnostic for the card? I didn't read anything about them on the net.
    Anyone knows anything?
  14. ok when i built my pc a few weeks ago my 1st power supply popped 6hrs after i got it and when my pc was off =/ i got another power supply only to find it didnt have the 8pin connector as was stated it had on the box.. anyway i connected it all up with out the 8pin connector and 3 red led's come on the back of it the fan spins up to 100% i ended up buying a 1200watt psu which is enuf for 2 of these cards..

    anyway if u connect just 1 of the power cables 6pin or 8pin the led's will light up.. there are 5 in total if i remember correctly..

    from what i can see is ur power supply has the connectors it has 2x 6+2pin pci-ex connectors use 1 6pin and then make the other 6pin into a 8pin and plug it in if ur prob still persists ur psu is faulty...

    and yes it is a diagnostic of sorts it will start up the fan which will use the power from the pci-ex slot if u dnt have enuf power to allow the gpu/gpu's to kick in the led's will light up.
  15. your card is likely faulty, contact your technical support company and tell them what is happening.

    Make sure whether or not the lights "blink" at all during the startup, as that is usually used to indicate an error code.

    If you have another PC, try the GPU in it; or try a different GPU with your power supply as that could be the issue. However the Corsair TX series should be perfectly fine for what you are doing.
  16. same problem for me. 3 LEDs red. ASUS P5E Deluxe... went through diagnostics and the mobo is RMA'd as of today (no beeps when i remove GPU and Memory... reset CPU, took out mobo battery, etc...). have an 850W Antec Signature. maybe that's toast, but my bet is on the mobo. the build worked for a few days then no post/no beep.

    here's what ATI support said ... typical... cryptic, didn't read my ticket ... it does power up, it does not post ... useless idiots ... at least learned what the LEDs are (kind of):
    AMD - Customer Care
    to me

    show details 6:28 AM (10 hours ago)

    We have responded to your issue.
    If a system is not powering up and lights on the video card, this typically indicates a power issue

    HD4870X2 LEDs

    D15=> Critical temperature fault
    D14=> 6 pin power unplug
    D13=> 8 pin power unplug

    Try the card in another system to see if the problem follows. Try another power supply - 750 watts. Submit for warranty if the problem persists.
  17. Well the site for ATIs cards state that the 750TX is qualified for operation of the 4870X2 but I had a friend with the same PSU and it couldn't power 2 4870s in CF. I know that the 4870X2 takes a bit less power than two 4870s in CF but I still think the PSU isn't able to handle the card. He had to get a 1.1Kw PSU to run them.
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