Which video card has the best bang for buck?

The XFX GTX 260


The EVGA GeForce 9800 GTX+ SSC Edition

Thanks ones 80 dollars more but i still cant decide which one to get if i go with the 9800 i have money for maybe some more fans and stuff but yea..
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  1. The GTX 260 is better bang for the buck. $70 more (that's 35% more) and you get 50% more stream processors. It also comes with a free game.

    Edit: mind you, the 9800GTX+ at $200 is a very bad price. For example this HD 4850 is only $140 and beats it.
  2. 9800 GX2 for any price under $300 is a steal, considering it (usually) trades punches with the 280 GTX at 1980 and below.
  3. True that. Look at these charts for example:
  4. I have that xfx gtx260. Nothing stops it ! Plays better than my 4870/512 card.
  5. hmm after seeing that chart i might dish out 50 more dollars so instead of getting a gtx 260 xfx to get the xfx 9800 x2...hmm..=]
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