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I have a problem to find out the Microsoft shared fax driver for windows xp machine. So if someone knows please help me to download & fixed the problem.
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  1. What is a "shared" fax driver? For what modem? What are you tryintg to fix or enable?
  2. I have configured a shared fax server in wondows 2003 server platform. After that i installed it to the win xp, vista & win 7 machines very comfortablly.Also when i was installing to the xp machine it required the microsoft shared fax driver & that time i given the i386 folder path & it's installed perfectly. Therefore i can sending a fax through via network.

    Since last month i am having a problem with new xp machines when i was installed fax printer i can't sending faxes & it says " microsoft shared fax driver " is not installed.Thereafter i was tried to search in web & really struggle with proper driver.

    That is a senario & i configured pci softv92 modem. So please assist me to find the microsoft shared fax driver for windows xp machines.

  3. Steps bellow will get the fax client working, you will need either a CD or the i386 folder for the file locations though. I don't see any extracted drivers for this from MS.

    To install Fax Client on the Windows XP Professional-based client:
    Log on to the client as an administrator.
    Double-click Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel, and then click Add/Remove Windows Components.
    Click to select Fax Services, and then click Next.
    If you are prompted, insert the Windows XP Professional CD-ROM.
    When the installation is finished, click Finish.
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