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Hello, I had a user account for myself (administrator) and decided to make another one for my wife (ReShawn). In the process I think I deleted my account (administrator) because it is no longer there and now there is only the new account but it says- ReShawn administrator. I have lost all the information I had on this account. Is it possible to restore my administrator account with all my information and downloads and if so, how do I do it?
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  1. If the account was actually called "administrator", you can't delete it, only rename it. If you go to Control Pannel > User Accounts, what is listed there?

    You can also check C:\Documents and Settings\* for your user account name and files. If you did delete it, you may need to run a recovery program to get the files back
  2. The same thing happened to me a while back. What I did was to change the way I logged in to Classic Prompt Style. Just go to the User Accounts. Under Pick a task, select 'change the way users log on and off on this computer' option. Once there uncheck the use of welcome screen option.
    Now the next time you will start, a classic prompt will pop up asking for the user name and the password.
    Type Administrator as the user name and the password of that account and you will be logged in to your previous account.
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