What are my best options to get a ratio of 1:1 on CPU-z

Specs :

Q6600 @ 2.4ghz
2x2GB 800mhz Crucial Ballistix Tracers + 2X1GB 800mhz GEIL *Ordinary RAM
GA-P35C-DS3R rev 1.x
Windows Vista 64bit = all 6gb of Ram is read by windows.
Hec WinPower 550W SLI Ready PSU

Obviously this is new to me. So Ive done some reading.

From what Ive read, I could :

1.) Underclock to a 533mhz Memory would do the trick (Q6600 at 2.4 stock 266mhz x 9)

My board however does not support that low frequency. 667/800/1066*)

2.) Underclock to a 667mhz Memory then bumping up CPU to 333mhz x 9 (Q6600 OC'd to 3.0ghz)

This personally would be the most likely solution. However, my GEIL ram complicates the whole thing, atleast to me that is. I look at CPU-Z Timings Table and 333 isn't listed. 200-266-400 only. The Tracers do provide that option under JEDEC. Bios settings give me the option of 667mhz. Im not sure how I'd go with that given the GEIL Timings Table does not list it on there. Then even if I decide to go ahead with it, what would be the Timings? Tracers give it a 4-5-5-15 for the 333mhz @1.8v. Im guessing I have to use that huh?! Another issue is on CPU Core Voltage settings. I tried changing the SPD the 667mhz setting then the once GREEN 'Optimized' Message turns RED and says its 'NOT OPTIMIZED' which means Id have to change CPU Core VOltage? Im so lost with that one. So many are listed and Im not sure whether to go higher or lower than the normal(norm. value is indicated below the setting). Then I would just have to change the PCI-E frequency to 100mhz as indicated on the guides.

3.) Overclock the CPU to 3.6ghz.

I am getting the OCZ Vendetta2 which will be bolted to the Mobo. OCZ Freeze paste so OC is a bit safe. But im not sure if I want to risk going to 3.6ghz. I dont plan on getting a new CPU till maybe the end of next year (i7 MODE yEAh!!!)

Please push me into the righ direction into getting a 1:1 ratio without having to take out my 2x1GB of GEIL Ordinary RAM with Heatspreaders ehheh. Help boost my knowledge on the CPU Voltage Core coz when I set the spd to 667 it says that the voltages are NOT OPTIMIZED. Not sure on how to deal with that. Thanks. I greatly appreciate any response. Cheers!!
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  1. I don't know if your motherboard could handle a 1600 fsb, but for my EP45-DS3L I got mine setup with the mem set at 400, multi set at 8 which gives me a 3.2 ghz clock, mem running sync at 1:1.
  2. Get a better PSU ASAP that hec PSU is a ticking time bomb.

    @OP: Change the SPD to "2". It will say voltages are not optimized. Don't worry about it. Also change RAM voltages to what ever the RAM needs.

    This should help you out with the settings under M.I.T.

    GUIDE: Overclocking On EP/P35-DS3L
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