Best Mobo & RAM for my system? under $300

Need some help picking a mobo and ram to go along with my gaming system I am building. I'd like to keep cost for both under $300..

Here are the components I have so far:

CPU- Intel core 2 Duo E8500 Wolfdale 3.16ghz
Radeon 4870 x2
PSU- PC Power and cooling 750w
HD- Western Digital 640 MB SATA
DVD burner- Liteon SATA

Thanks in advance for your help..
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  1. you might want to change the psu for a corsair 750 it is $119 on newegg and for the mobo and ram i think this is good but you might double check for asus x48 and kingston 4 gigs ram kigston is pretty good
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