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I need help on finding the right type of CPU water cooling for my setup.

This is going to be my first attempt at water cooling so to simplify things, I am just going to water cool the CPU. I looked around and realized these systems are made for a specific case/mobo design. I am not sure as to what would fit in my setup. later, I did find something that might fit. The problem is that the reviews are bad; software might not even install with my setup....


Can anyone recomend a good CPU water cooler. I would like this unit to fit inside the case if possible since I don't like to put anything on top of my case. This is where I rest my foot. lol.

Here is what I am trying to fit a CPU water cooling system in:

Case: ATX Mid tower - Lian Li PC-A17B

Mobo: LGA 775 Intel X48 - Gigabyte GA-X48-DS4
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  1. My advice is don't do it. Unless you want to OC to the max you should just get a top flight HS.

    Since you probably don't want to hear that advice, then take this advice. Get an expensive water cooling setup, a lot of the cheaper ones tend to leak and, needless to say, that will destroy your rig.

    I hope you avoid any leaks.

    Good luck
  2. What's a good price range for a good CPU water cooler?

    I found this system by Swiftech: Swiftech H20-220-APEX ULTRA CPU Liquid Cooling Kit w/ Apogee GT


    This looks like a good fit for my case. Any thoughts?
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