Are all 4870's CrossFire compatible?

Hello all,

I am about to buy an 4870 graphics card with the option to buy a second 4870 in the future.
Does this mean i have to take special notice which kind of 4870 I take? Or are all 4870's CF compatible?

greets Furious
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  1. They're all compatible. It should say "Crossfire supported" or something similar on the box.
  2. Yes they are all compatible.

    In the past you had a distinction, recently the 'crossfire ready' packages were just different in that they included the bridge connector, now all of them come with 1 connector. Probably wasn't worth the confusion for just a $1 connector.
  3. Yes. Just make sure it comes with the crossfire connector. I think you really only need one crossfire connector to crossfire 2 of them.
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