I'm trying to decide between the x-25e and x-25m

I'm trying to decide between these 2 solid state disks. How much faster is the x-25e then the x-25m. Is it worth the extra money?

Also I've been reading about the drive live on the multilevel cells not being as long as the single level cells. How long do these ssd's last?
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  1. Have a quick Google of "Crucial C300 SSD"

    Might help your descision making process some.

    Will be available for purchase in Feb.

    ah, here is a link for you ;)
  2. it comes with a 5 year warranty, put it that way.
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    Intel has stated that their X25-M drives are expected to last "at least 5 years" if they are used in a system that writes 20GB to them every day.
  4. The X25-E is still the best.
    The X25-M is outperformed (slightly) by competitors of similar capacity and price.
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