Need help deciding between PC Screen or HDTV

Ok I got that funny feeling again of wanting something new and shiny to play with... and my credit card knows what that means, so she's ready to take the plunge :pt1cable: I was thinking that at some point I'd get an 1080p screen, but in the back of my mind I was against the idea for the sole reason that I need 60fps to play my games and given the fact that I'm still a college student I am not able to afford Crossfire setups yet :(

Now with that being said, I have right now a 19" screen and I have fun with it, however I got just today an idea, what would happen if I replaced my screen with a 720p HDTV, that way I wouldn't have to upgrade every year to keep my gaming habits up to date and I would have a big screen to play on (and of course watch movies, which I do A LOT on my PC, I barely even use my old CRT TV).

So what do you guys think? Is it worth it gaming on a 720p screen if I set AA to 4x or 8x? (My damned HD 4850 should be arriving this week, or else I'll be really pissed at my courier)

I am not on the states, so I can't use newegg or anything similar to buy online such a big thing, however I saw these both of these on a local shop for about $1300 + tax (I could maybe haggle to get $1200).

Samsung 40" LN40A450

LG 42" 42LG30|audio|video_lcd%20flat%20panel__42LG30.jhtml

For the life of me I couldn't figure out what kind of panel they use by looking at the specs, both look pretty decent. I am open to suggestions but I am mostly willing to consider only Samsung, LG, or Sharp TVs. I would like to read the forums if possible (never really used an HDTV with my PC), but if not, then I'd just use it for gaming + movies and I'd keep my 19" screen for reading forums/doing school work. Or would you guys suggest a slightly smaller screen? I wouldn't be seating right in front of it, probably a few feet away, I already have a wall ready to set it on, would just have to get a desk for it.
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  1. Also found this 1080p samsung 40" screen for $1500:

    Samsung 40" LN40A550

    My question about it is, if I were to run it at a lower than 1080p (720p instead of 1080p), would the image look as horrid as it does on a regular LCD monitor when not run at native resolution? I would be planning to do so for fps reasons. I wouldn't mind spending the extra $200 if I know that the scaling doesn't drastically lower quality below the other samsung 720p model (both are 40").
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