Graphics artifacts - how to disable write combne?

Because nvidia have disabled the troubleshoot tab when I go into the display dialog!!!!!!!

Help me! I'm pretty sure that if I can get to it, this will solve all the graphics artfacts I've been having since I installed my 7600GS AGP card.

When I go intt the display dialog, the troubleshoot tab is blanked out and "has been disabled by your graphics driver"

Does anyone know how I can get round this?

Thanks in advance
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  1. Usually artifacts are due to the video card overheating or succumbing to its death. It could have been defective from the beginning.

    I have never heard of artifacts (dot-like, discoloring) being due to the driver. Do you have the latest driver from the Nvidia site?
  2. When I say artifacts, I mean things like, missing polygons. eg in half life 2, there are times when you can see straight through a small section of one of the characters faces.

    The graphics card is good and this problem has happened to quite a few people. I have the nvidia tool and I know the card isnt overheating.

    All I need to be able to do is to get into the troubleshoot tab in the advanced settings of the standard windows display dialog.

    ie right click on desktop>personalise>display>advanced>troubleshoot
  3. All drivers and software are bang up to date btw...
  4. No clues on the write combine thing then, anyone?
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