Which Sound card? Need Help!

Hi Gars

I need your help. I want to buy a sound card for music, movie and mostly gaming. But i don't know which one i should get. Here is two sound card that I'm look in to.


Money is kinda a issue. So I'm wondering if the X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Professional is wofth the 50 dollars more? Since this card has EAX 5.0, i believe it should be better than the other one. BUt i also hear that EAX is almost dead and I'm not sure if it wise to buy this sound card. Is it better to go with the ASUS Xonar DX 7.1 Channels for gaming?

I also take suggestion for other sound card. Since i don't know much about sound card. I only know creative and asus for sound card manufatur. Any other sound card that you gars suggest. I will surely look into it.

Thank you for your help in advance
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  1. Your comparing two products that are in different segments. Personally i would go with the onboard until you feel the need for a descrete card.

    What OS would you be using as that can have a bearing on what card you will use (although most vendors have decent drivers for Vista these days).
  2. Well I'm using vista 64bit. Then what better for gaming than?
  3. I wouldn't touch anything made by Creative; too many problems on too many motherboards (especially NVIDIA borads, and some Biostar models).

    The problem is the Xonar DX/DX2 are overpriced and don't offet the best performance.

    I'd recommend the Razer Barracude AC-1. I upgraded from my ExtremeGamer, and there is a noticable diffrence. Its probably cheaper in most places than the other two options you have listed too. Unfortunally, its one of the few pieces of hardware you can't find on Newegg...


    To be clear, the ASUS card is a good card, but better suited for movies than gaming. And for gaming, I find the Razer Barracuda to be ahead of even Creatives mainstream cards.
  4. from the reviews I've read, the newer versions of the xonar cards are extremely good performers. It was quite clear that they were on par with the top-notch other audio cards offered on the market at the moment.

    As with all audio-related questions, go with your wallet because you most likely won't be able to tell a difference between two cards :)
  5. And i think the Xonars actually do virtualised EAX 5.0 now anywho (not ment to sound as good as creative)
  6. Sorry for taking so long to respond and thank for all your help. After reading so many review on these sound card. I'm going for the Razer Barracuda AC-1 Gaming Sound Card. Problably in the future, i 'll also buy the headphone with it, but for now i'm going to use my current headphone. Anyway thank for all your help gars.
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