Geforce gtx 280 on the dell xps 630i?

Hey guys,

I'm wanting to purchase an EVGA GTX 280. I currently run 2 X 8800GTs in SLI. I have a Dell XPS 630i Q6600. My main concern is the motherboard, being the 650i chipset which has the PCIe slots halved for some reason, form 16X to 8X. I don't understand enough about it to go into any further detail other than that is CAN bottleneck some games. I've heard a 7-20% drop in performance CAN happen also. That sounds like balls. But, if anyone knows an answer it would be much appreciated. My questions are, do you think it's a good idea to buy a GTX 280? Or stick with my current set up? And also, do you know much about the 650i motherboard and how its PCIe limitations effect performance?

22" Dell Monitor
2X8800GT SLI
650i Motherboard
750W power supply

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  1. Your current setup should be faster than a GTX 280 on most cases, unless you get a HD 4870 X2, I don't really see a point for you in upgrading just yet.
  2. dude i have the same xps 630i (in the sig). you dont need a gtx 280, SLI 88/9800GT kills the gtx 280 in just about everything. and the price for a gtx 280 isnt worth the amount of performance you get, and plus you already have the SLI GT's. trust me just stick with the SLI setup. especially if you game at high resolutions. SLI only gets faster and faster as the res is cranked up plus eye candy.
  3. Cheers. I have seen mixed benchmarks comparing the two setups and I kind of figured that the 8800GT's SLI'd would be the way to go. Cheers.
  4. Keep in mind the SLI runs at 8x/8x on that board. Also a single card solution still runs at only 8x (thank Dell for that one), so changing to a GTX 280 would be an absolutely disasterous idea on 2 fronts.
  5. UM... what if you wanted to put a pair of GTX285's in SLI into the 630i?

    I wouldn't have already bought them for the XPS except for the little detail that they won't work in my other PC... the Alienware ALX. Which, BTW, you DO NOT want. It's been nothing but a very expensive boat anchor since I bought it. Anyway, the ASUS P5E3 MB it sports doesn't support SLI, much to my surprise. (Note to self: Do your research BEFORE you buy, not after.)

    So now I have a pair of GTX285's and I am doing the research before I send them back... should I replace the SLI'd 8800's with a pair of SLI'd 285's? Seems to me a slam dunk these should be better. But will it work?
  6. The mobo:
    A Dell 650i modified board. Both PCIe x16 connectors are v1.1 and hardwired to x8 lanes.

    GPU options:
    Bear in mind that the PSU only has 2x 6 pin GPU power connectors therefore running an SLI config would mean using cards that require on 6 pin connector each - such as the 8800gt/9800gt etc.

    So if you wish to install a pair of GTX285's you will be looking at either a PSU upgrade (also bearing in mind the stock PSU in also non-standard- size wise - and a replacement may not fit) or a GPU only supplementry PSU.

    You can find out more about the XPS630i by visiting
  7. The thread is over a year old.
  8. sorry to revive an old thread, but I have a 630i with the following spec:

    DELL XPS 630i
    Quad CPU Q6600 2.4ghz (4 CPUs)
    4GB RAM
    VISTA 64 bit
    2X8800GT SLI
    650i Motherboard
    750W power supply

    And I wanted to get the Nividia 3D vision glasses and Samsung SM2233RZ 3D 120Hz Monitor.
    I was thinking of getting a GeForce GTX 460 2048MB DDR5 Dual DVI HDMI PCI Express.

    Is this graphics card worth doing? Will my games look and perform better? Or is this just going to kill my PC?
  9. Really? 2gb won't help?

    What about the issue of 8X that bloody DELL neglected to highlight.

    I have 2 sli 8800 GT at the moment. So won't this actually decrease my performance?
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