Need a 24/7 Power Supply recommendation

I have a PC that runs 24/7, about 75% of the time it is "working", not sitting idle.

It records TV for the entire family and plays it back for us, hence why it is working all of the time.

Asus K8N
AMD XP3000+
3 Hauppauge PVR 500 tuner cards (dual tuners)
1 ATI HDTV Wonder tuner card
1 Adaptec SATA II controller card
1 VERY Old AGP video card (no one actually watches TV on this PC) iirc it's a Nvidia TNT2
1 DVD drive
1 120 GB ATA boot drive
4 1TB SATA 7200 rpm drives

The current power supply just failed and they don't make the model I had anymore so looking for suggestions, brand specific.

Also will there be issues with getting a power supply with a PCI-E supply and of course not using it?
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  1. Corsair... with that setup of yours a 420 is more than enough. There won't be any issues if you dont use the PCI-E rail.
  2. For 24/7, use a canned air cleaning solution once every 6 months. I got mine at Fry's. 3 packs are about $9. These contain a solvent that evaporates quickly. My product is called "perfect duster". You can use it on the cpu and power supply fans.
  3. Agree with ZeCow corsair is solid...

    I would also suggest if its running all the time to get a decent UPS, to stupid voltage fluctuations and outages.
  4. I build pc's for friends, neighbors, and girlfriends. I use Corsair exclusively. The pc's are rock solid and very stable. Right now you can get the Corsair VX450 at for $60.74 and shipping is free: [...] 66485.html
  5. If it is on 24/7, I would recomend the SeaSonic SS-400ET. It has a good energy efficiency and 4 sata power connectors.
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