power breaker blew and now the pc wont boot...

Hi guys -- hoping you can shed some light on my little... issue.

The breaker for our livingroom blew the other night when my wife plugged in an electric heater. I was on my computer at the time.

It won't reboot. I tried cycling my RAM, one stick at a time to see if that did anything. Nothing.

All the power lights and fans powered on... drives and peripherals seem OK... even had USB power.

I carried my power supply in to a Microcenter where they checked it's voltage... and it came back OK.

I bought a new motherboard thinking the Mobo might have gone out, but that didn't solve anything. Bought a new power supply. Still nothing.

I get no video when I power it on... no sounds, no beeps, nothing... so I know it isn't running post. This result was the same for BOTH my old and new mobo's.

What could this be related to? I'm trying to narrow it down to one particular component (video, ram, cpu) with a high probability of success so that I'm not wasting a lot of money on things I don't need... (I'm a tad strapped for cash).

Any suggestions or help you can offer is greatly, GREATLY appreciated!!
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  1. Check your primary supply... (Your wall socket). Try a different wall socket on another circuit, one that didn't cut out.

    Take two aspirin, and post back.
  2. I carried my PC with me to work yesterday AM and it wouldn't work there either. Any ideas?
  3. Do you have on-board video? if so, take out your video, enable the onboard, and test that. Do you have a friend / relative with similar ram? if so, test with different ram.

    If any of the above works, return your new psu and mb, and buy the offending part. If not unplug your hd(s) and see if you get a post.
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