8800GT displaying black screen!!

hey guys, i have got a strange problem with my 8800gt going on.

So basically i woke up today to see that someone had turned on my computer. (probably my sister). Anyway, as i looked closely, i realized that nothing was displaying on the screen even though the system was running. So, i restarted my system, but nothing happened. So... i unplugged the wire from the 8800gt and connected it to my onboard video card. As expected, everything was working and i could navigate through the comp. when i try inserting the cd that came with 8800gt and installing the driver, it tells me that the nvidia setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with my current hardware. keep in mind that wen i insert the cd in, im connected to my onbard graphic card, which is a nvidia 7050. if i ever try connecting to my 8800gt, the screen goes black. i tried unintalling the nvidia drivers from control panel, and upon restarting , i downloaded the the driver from the nvidia website. it was the 175.19 version i believe. still, things dint work. as the thing would just install the onboard graphic card back on. even without any video card drivers on the comp, the 8800gt would not display anything on the screnn. i have no idea whats going on. any help or suggestions would be helpful.
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  1. btw, my system specs are:

    p4 2.66ghz
    Ram= 2gb
    OS=win xp
    i have an msi motherboard (MS-7366)

    i don't think any othwer info is needed.

    p.s i got this card installed by some people at a computer shop two weeks ago. and until this morning, it has been working perfectly.
  2. It sounds like the card might be dead, however here are some things you can try are:

    -plug a different power connector into the card
    -put the card into a different PCIe slot
    -through the bios, lock the frequency of the PCIe slot to 100mhz
    -try the card in a different computer

    Hope one of those helps!
  3. I just noticed that you got this installed by people at a shop, it might be better to go complain to them first because they could potentially void any warranty on it (if there is any) if you start playing with it.
  4. do these things just randomly die? what could cause it to stop working?
  5. Almost assuredly a dead card. I had to go through three 8800GT cards with eVGA before I got one that worked. One died after 2 weeks, the other two never worked from the start.
  6. ^it could very well be a dead card, however you should still check everything i mentioned above first, due to the fact that it might not be a dead card. Much better to determine that it is the card at fault before you go replacing it.

    Have you tried anything that i suggested? any results?
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