which is the best case?

hey guys i need some help please! trying to decide between four cases which are listed in the poll, i am looking for superior cooling build quality and performance. keep in mind i am trying to keep two or possibly three gtx 260 core 216's as cool as possible. i have owned the antec 1200 previously and i did like it but want some input on the others, maybe try something different and fan noise is not an issue.
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  1. Hard choice between stacker and cosmos...ehh... i'm going with the cosmos
  2. I'd go with the 1200 again, the cooling is really well balanced throughout the case with few hotspots.
  3. It is a matter of personal preference.
  4. ok cool thanks for some input, has anyone actually seen a cosmos, r they well built?
  5. Yes, I saw the CoolerMaster Cosmos on display at a Fry's Electronics store. The case is also on display at Microcenter.com retail stores. I don't know if other stores might have them on display.

    Yes, the case is well built.

    If you are going to install three video cards, then you will probably have to take additional steps to keep things cool.
  6. Ok cool thanks again for the help
  7. I voted for the Spedo, just because its something different to the same old boring ones that everyone has...

    If you have the money look at Lian Li's range, extremely well build and stylish
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