MA770-UD3 with G.Skill 1066Mhz

maybe u guys know the specs for
having MB of gigabyte MA-770-UD3 rev 2
with AMD phenom II AM3 x4 955
i can't set my memory G.Skill 8500CL5D to work in 1066Mhz
i set up the following:
1. updated the bios to the latest version FBd
2. set the following settings in the bios:
mem clock - 5.33x 1066Mhz
DCT Mode - Unganged
DRAM Voltage - 2.1v
timing - manualy 5-5-5-15

and got this:
1. while trying to load my OS it restarts while start loading the logo
2. while trying to re-install Windows: copies files and then gives me blue screen

plz guys help
it works ok for 800Mhz ofcours...
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  1. try to reset cmos... shut off pc remove all but 1 stick of ram. restart and install windows.. shut down install 2nd stick of ram... when it restarts you should see all your ram in windows...(@ddr800)

    shut down restart enter bios set timings and volts to specs. and at the next restart you should be good to go
  2. i already have windows installed at 800Mhz
    when i change in bios to 1066Mhz i get blue screen
  3. did you try to run just 1 stick @1066??

    i guess there is a chance that you have a bad stick of ram..maybe you could try to figure out what one it is

    buy using 1 at a time and see what happens

    i took a couple pics of the setting in my bios(gigabyte ga-ma785g-ud3h).i think might be the same or similar to yours

    i just had a thought check that your running at 2T
  4. well i had kingston and had same problem
    now i'm with G.skill and again
    i tried one slot now and nothing... blank screen
    same settings as u have :(
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