NB multipler on M4A785-M

So here's my problem. I feel like my cpu can be pushed a lot farther, as I'm using an arctic freezer 64 on it, and the temps are really low (caps off at 40c load) at 3.0GHz - at stock voltage mind you.

Problem is, it crashes at 3.05 no matter how much voltage is shoved into it. I've lowered the HT link speed, lowered the ram speed, lowered everything that has a setting to be lowered and no dice. Also tried upping the voltage on all said components.

The BIOS doesn't report it, neither does CPU-Z but AMD overdrive reports the NB clock speed at 2300MHz at 230 bclock, so I'm assuming the NB has a multiplier of 10.

Anyone have any friggen clue how to lower the NB multi?
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  1. anyone?
  2. sorry this reply came so late, but if you are still interested, I have the same motherboard. There is no north bridge multiplier on it.
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