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well, i have been given a coursework and the major question is: which network topology could create a fair environment when dealing with fast computer and low computer for an airline reservation system in which all computer will have equal access to the available bandwidth???
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  1. easy starter -

    you cant quote it as its not acceptable under most school rules.

    however you can use it to get you going, it will give you an overview and you can then see the different topologies and compare them in your head.

    if you see one that sounds about right for what you need, follow the links at the bottom to see the item in more detail.

    once you understand what you need to talk about, hit the library for books on the subject and you can start using them for quotes etc. because you should by now already know what your doing (instead of just diving in) you will be able to focus on just the books you need and spend a lot less time searching through a book for the quote you need.

    ill bet theres no real perfect answer, so instead compare the strengths and weaknesses of the various types available (star, daisy chain, mesh etc), you can get hybrid types that take pieces of one type and bolt it to another so you can combine the strengths of two types to make it better for this particular need.

    best of luck, little and often....
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