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I just build a new system (Q6600 stock speed, 4gb G Skill RAM, 4870x2, ASUS p5q deluxe MB) and was hoping to be able to blow games away. All reviews I read said the card would be able to put out great fps, even in Crysis despite its Nvidia bias. So far the card has performed very badly, and even in world or warcraft im not getting to capped 60fps. Conan gives me around 20 with all settings maxed at 1920x1080, and crysis isnt even playable at Very High and the same res, as the screen flickers and moves at horrible frame rates. I'm running the latest drivers Anyone have any suggestions on what may help? Using a 750w psu, and have plenty of air getting to the card, as it idles round the 40 degree range. Not sure what to do, but I am getting quite frustrated, as I have spent days with various people / threads trying get the new system to work (have had other issues), and it's about to the point where I login to ebay and create a nice listing for this needy build.
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  1. have you locked the PCIe to 100 mhz?
  2. Do you have AI enabled in CCC?
  3. No I have not. I will give it a try though. At this point it can't really hurt.
    ^ reply to Ky's suggestion.

    Jay: The "Disable A.I." box is unchecked, so I'm assuming that it is enabled.
  4. Its software it seems. Have to sift thru a few things, youll find it. How about drivers? Did you make sure it was clean before install? And have you tried reinstalling them? AI is fine then
  5. Yep. I think the drivers are fine, and have been reinstalled many times.
  6. Are both cores activated in 3D?
  7. The graphics card is obviously broken, I'll take that pos off your hands and even give you $100 for your troubles. What do you say?
  8. LOL. I don't know what to do. It is def. getting ebayed or returned if I can't get this fixed very soon. No sense in having such a nice comp. if it wont play the games any better than a $600.00 one.

    Edit How do I check to ensure both cores are running 3d?
  9. Are you sure its not being limited by the q6600? 2.4Ghz is not that much for gaming, esp since many games are not quad optimised. I run mine @ 3.6 and get amazing gaming performance.
  10. gpuz
  11. 4870x2's Don't work at all in wow.. The drivers for the game and from ATI don't support it. Even if the card works well (I get great FPS in all other games) you'll find the performance in WoW terrible. the single 4870 is much better for WoW.
  12. Thanks for the tips. I have been planning on overclocking, and if that could be an issue I will bump my proc to 3.0 or .2 and see if it helps at all. Will post the results.

    On GPUZ, at the bottom I am given 2 options on data to view, both say 4870x2, so I assume that is just both cores.
  13. Update: Got prod OC'd to 3.15 (7x450) At 7x470 it gave me the unsuccessful OC message, and at 460 it booted, but went to the BSOD before I could log in. The OC did indeed improve my performance in the games, but I'm not sure it's to a satisfactory level yet. In Age of Conan, my frames went up to roughly 35avg. in Tortage. Crysis also saw an improvement, as I can now play much better on "High" settings at 1600x1050. The other problem with Crysis, however, is still present. Whenever I set the resolution to anything above 16x10, the settings screen flickers, as it use to with other games when I was running a sub par vid card. Even on settings below "High" or "Very High" I get the screen flicker, which stumps me as toi what the root of the problem is, since resolution is the sole contributor to the issue. I still can't run crysis on "Very High" settings at all, which is a disappointment, as others said it was possible with the card. I am also still seeing the "colored" backgrounds on the "i" and "j" characters in search engines, but instead of the i's and j's being diff. colors, they are both green now, which indicates that this is indeed a vid card issue. So...what is the ruling? Does the card seem to be faulty? Does it appear to be installed incorrectly? I think I'm making good progress, but need to keep it up until everything is 100%.
  14. Sounds like its your 4870x2 unfortunately, esp with the coloured backgrounds. Definatly time to RMA. Glad the OC helped, I recall that your motherboard had issues with FSB speeds over 460Mhz. This may be what was limiting your OC. Asus aparantly released a bios update to help this issue (with mixed response).

    Good luck in your future efforts.
  15. hmm why are you using so low multiplier? Q6600 can go up to 9... helps with the fsb wall on the mobo...
  16. OK. I suppose I will get it sent back for a replacement (the vid card). I finally got a stable OC at 440x7 (3.080) and it passed the stress tests well. It's sad that the card is faulty, but I'm also very happy that it can be replaced and hopefully correct all of my problems. Thanks very much for all the help everyone, and I will post back when I get my new card.

    Kari: I am using 7 because all of the guides suggest it and it seems to give a much better performance than using 9 and a lower fsb, even with the fsb cap. But I will try going higher and see if it works the same. I have just read from different users that a 9 mod decreases performance compared to a 7.

  17. ^^eh, no it doesn't, well maybe little on memory bandwidth but surely 400*9=3600 is way better than 7*440...
  18. I did a bit more research and have decided to RMA my vid card. Now I seem to be having another problem as well that I would like to work out. When running WoW last night on my 7x440 cpu, I got the BSOD twice, with the Memory Management note on it. I initially thought this was foretelling of bad ram, but after further digging, it seems that it is most likely my ram overheating due to it using the same FSB and my OC'd cpu. Is it possible to get the ram to run at its factory rate, and still OC the cpu (asynchronous is the term I believe)? I have an ASUS P5Q deluxe, G Skill 1066 ram, and a q6600 proc.
  19. Looks like the 4870X2 is showing it's real face...


    That always sucks when you get a bad computer part. GL with your RMA.

    Lower what your RAM is running at.

    [example]So, if you have DDR400 sticks, lower it to DDR333[/example]
  20. Ok. I will give that a try. I do believe mine are 400's, so if I drop it to 333, I assume the OC will bump it back to its original 400?
  21. uh...no. the FSB combined with the rams divider will determin how fast the ram is running. If you lower the FSB then you will lower the ram speed but also the overclock. If you want to just lower the ram speed then you can change the ram divider to something lower OR increase the multiplier on the CPU and lower the fsb. That way you could keep the same overclock rate and also lower how fast the ram is running
  22. however make sure that it is the ram that is throwing the BSODs. Run memtest 86+ on your computer for a few hours to check the rams stability
  23. You need to change the FSB:RAM ratio. Might be listed as the 'FSB strap' in the bios. 1066Mhz RAm is more than fast enough to overclock the q6600 with. Try raising the voltage to 2.1 - 2.2v (providing you RAM can take it)

    An example: my RAM runs at 800Mhz by defult. To achieve my 3.6Ghx overclock i run my RAM at 960Mhz. This corresponds to a 12:10 DRAM:FSB ratio. In the bios i can change the FSB strap between 266, 333 and 400Mhz, with each speed corresponding to a different RAM speed (667, 800, 960, 1066, 1200 etc). I simply chose the speed that offers a stable overclock and allows my RAM to run as fast as possible with 100% stability. Also, if your RAM is the porblem, and it is overclocked, try reducing the timing to 2T rather than 1T. You can always experement with timings once you know the system is stable.

    All this overclocking will generate extra heat, esp with your q6600 running higher than 3.0Ghz. Do you have aftermarket cooling?
  24. K. Definitely having a big problem, with either the RAM, card, or CPU. I put the proc back to factory settings (9x266) to see if the problem went away. It didn't. I have only gotten 1 BSOD since then, and it didn't say memory management, but Warcrafft has crashed 4 times. The last time it gave this message:
    This application has encountered a critical error:
    Not enough storage is available to process this command.
    Program: C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
    File: .\M2Shared.cpp
    Line: 190
    Requested 387840 bytes of memory
    WoWBuild: 8606

    There is more to the text, but I think that is the important section. I'm hoping that has something to do with the graphics card, and isn;t my ram going bad...
  25. Somethings inhibiting your ram. Either its bad, or it isnt being allowed to work. See how much memeory your system is recognizing, run memtest, this will take awhile, and if you have ANY errors its a module of ram, and youll have to find which one, by running memtest on each stick seperately
  26. OK I will get back to you with the results. I sadly don't have any black CD's laying around, so it may be tomorrow before I am able to do the test.

    Windows is reading all 4 gigs of ram.
    Is there a respectable program I can run in the meantime to get some idea whether the memory is faulty or not?
  27. Memtest is all I know
  28. If you've reset the cmos then i would try manually raising the dram voltage in the bios to at least 2.1v. I am running 4Gb of ram and if my voltage is any lower than that i encounter stability problems like you have been.

    Do you have another graphics card you could replace with your 4870x2? It may be worth swapping it out just to see if thats the problem.

    Good luck with your efforts, i know just how bemusing pc's can be!
  29. Seems as tho, whenever its a weird problem , its always the ram. Could be voltage to the ram, could be bad ram, but ram it is heheh
  30. Tried to give the problems another try yesterday, and ran into yet another problem. I went into the bios, and restored all settings to default ( so I could run the windows memory tool and see if my overclock was causing the issue). After I exited the setup and tried to start windows, I got the horrid message asking me to insert a boot device or media. I have NO idea why windows went out. Windows doesn't seem to be tied in with my RAM or vid card problems, but I guess it thought otherwise. The diagnostic utility said that my memory is fine, so I'm hoping it is just my vid card causing the in game errors and blue screens. Any thoughts on what caused the windows incident?
  31. If you manually reset the cmos to return it to defaults (which you should do) then you knocked out either the power cord to your hard drive or the cord that connect your hard drive to you mobo, just go plug that back in. Otherwise it probably just doesn't have your hard drive set as a bootable drive in your bios, it should be an easy fix by going into your bios and making sure your hard drive is on the boot drive list.

    as for the memory follow these steps:
    1. Clear the CMOS
    2. Load the bios
    3. MANUALLY set the memory to the manufacture voltages and speeds (probably 5-5-5-15 and 1.8 volts)
    4. Run memtest 86+ on your computer (not windows memory diagnostic tool) for a couple hours to check for stability
    5. IF memtest fails then reload your bios and increase the ram voltage (you will probably raise it to 1.9 or 2.0 but it depends on what the default voltage for your memory is and what the maximum voltage for your memory is, you will have to check it)
    6. Run memtest again. Repeat the previous steps until you can run memtest for 4+ hours without failing or you reach the maximum amount of voltage your ram can take. If you are still getting errors with the lower timings and higher voltages then your ram is bad and you are going to have to RMA it.

    If you have any questions about finding or setting your rams timings then just post back here

    Good luck
  32. I was having the same problem with a 4870x2 in WoW... bought a 4870 and it's NEVER crashed since.
  33. Thanks for the replies. Got my card taken out of the computer and will be returning it tomorrow. I did notice something as I was pulling it out of the mobo, however. The card was inserted in the PCIEx16_2 slot. I don't know if it matters, but would it make any difference to insert the new one in the "..._1" slot? I am using the Asus P5Q Deluxe board, which has 2 black ports labled PCIEx16_2 and _3, as well as a BLUE port a bit further up (not grouped positionally with the other two) labeled PCIEx16_1. Should the card be placed in the Blue _1 slot, or is that used for another device?
  34. Hey everyone,
    Got my graphics card today and was hoping all of my problems would have vanished. Some did, but I am getting some strange results. On the positive side, my fps has increased a bit. In crysis, when something intense is about to happen, it gets pretty choppy for a few seconds, but goes to a decent rate afterwards. A few of my core problems though are still present. Text still appears to have a "colored background or outline" to it, and I am still getting a flickering screen in crysis if I set the res. above 1680x1050. I have also tried another cable, and get the same problem. This at least eliminates the vid card and cable from the lineup, which means it is either the way my monitor reads the 4870 signal (monitor worksfine with my other computer) or another component in the machine is faulty. Any tips on where to go from here?
  35. if you bring everything back to stock settings do you get the graphical issues bringing crysis up past 16/10? or any other issues Except Slow proformance... have you patched crysis? personally i would be resetting my bios and starting your overclocks from scratch. if the discolouration only appeared after the OC, then try find a more stable balance of heat/voltage/speed (out os interest what are your cpu and gpu temps as standard).. if the are there regardless of the OC settings.. then i would be reinstalling your os.. and trying 1 game at a time on the clean install.

    i could be wrong , but it sounds like your machine was just running slowly, now it's trying to to run on a unstable overclock.

    best of luck all the same
  36. I havea 4870x2 and the same processor w/ 4 gigs of ram. I have the same issue, but I know for a fact it's becaused WoW does not use both GPUs. It only will run off one making your frame rate a little worse than a single card.
  37. inchiuvatu - ALl settings are stock. I reset my BIOS and am still getting the issues. It's getting quite frustrating. Not sure what the problem could be. I've reinst. the OS, and that was of no help. I can only think its the MoBo or a power issue, but I have a 750w psu, so that should be good enough. Could it be the MoBo causing this?
  38. have you tried putting it in the second pcie slot
  39. I've tried 2 of my 3 slots and both have given the same effect. Spoke to a friend about my problem. He said I need to connect it to a monitor rather than my LCD and see if I have the same issue. If I do, he believes it is either a monitor or card setting that is messing up.
  40. what psu is it?
  41. corsair 750
  42. Small update. I have found that I only get the flickering menu if I am playing in DX10. If I play the DX9 version, I am able to put it at any resolution and get a perfect screen. No news on the tinted or coloredtext yet. It is really getting frustrating. I will post back if I find anything else.
    As always, all comments are welcome!
  43. Anyone have a suggestion on how to get this resolved? ATi seems completely lost as well.
  44. Maybe try using the 8.10 betas? I think Ive heard something about this concerning these drivers as a fix, not sure tho
  45. The betas didnt help. It has to either be a setting on my video card, or the motherboard is having a problem. I have verified everything else (the card itself, monitor, cable). I've upgraded and downgraded all of my drivers and the problem is still there. I've never really heard of a problem like this. The people at Best Buy are stumped and ATi is being less than helpful. Not sure what to do
  46. do a clean install of windows, if you haven't all ready
  47. RMA it. Period. Dont take any hemming or hawing for an answer. You paid good money for a working card, and it isnt working within prescibed standards
  48. I rma'd my first one about a week ago and got it in last thursday, but the problems are still happening which is why I think it is another component or a setting I have. I have also reinstalled windows but it didn't change anything.
  49. ATi finally replied and they want me to do some diagnostic tests and send the reports to them. Hopefully they will be of some help. I'll post back if anything gets solved
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