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  1. After some more searching, I have found one last alternative that may be the cause of the problem. Someone mentioned my psu, and a member was having similar problems only to find out that his part of his psu was bad. How exactly do I check this? Is there a test I can run? I have the corsair 750, so it should be enough to power my machine, if it is working properly. The tech I have spoken with still thinks it's my monitor, but I really don't think so since my other computer works fine on the same screen. Going to give this one last shot, then it's goodbye troublesome new computer, and hello old slow faithful.
  2. I've been running WoW on max settings running an old, AGP, Ati 9800 pro with a 1.7ghz Athlon (single core) for years... And you're talkin about overclocking a q6600 to get it to play WoW correctly??? Yikes!! Serious hardware or driver problem there... RMA!!!

    My 2 cents aint worth much... but I'm compelled to share, anyway.
  3. Thanks for the post. My main focus isn't on wow at the moment thought. It's getting Crysis working without the flicker on the menu screen at high resolution, and sorting out my shadow coloring on my text. I haven't even installed wow on my PC since I RMA'd my card and reinstalled windows, so I'm not sure how it's performing with my new one.
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