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My motherboard is Jetway M2A692-GDG. It has 24 pin power connector. I have connected 20 pin from psu. Processor Amd Athlon 64 X2 dul core processor 3600+ (2 Ghz), Ram 1 GB from transcend, PCI Graphics card of geforce MX 4000..

The problem is when i switch on the computer and while it is still in OS selection mode, If i press any key it shuts down.. If I remove the power cord from the cpu and re-attach and switch on the system it works!!! Sometimes it doesn't work.. It keeps on shutting off and I have to remove the power cable and re-attach it. And then it boots successfully.. No problem.. I taught it might be of defective psu unit and tried another system's psu, but same problem persists. I don't know wats the problem is.. Please anybody guide me.. :( :(
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  1. make sure to plug in the 4/8 pin power connector located by the cpu as well as the 20/24 pin power connector
  2. Yes. Now i have connected the 24 pin power connector behalf of 20 pin connector. And 4 pin connector was already connected. But the problem still persists!!
  3. sounds to me the mobo power curcitry may be faulty witch means you will need to replace the mobo, do you have a surage protecter as spike's and surges can fry this part of the mobo.
  4. Not enough power getting to the CPU. You need to connect the 24 pin connector to provide adequate power, after all.......... there is a reason they put a 24 pin connector on the board instead of a 20.
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