DVD/CD ROM Problems !!!!!!

I had and still have problems with my DVD/CD drives. For a few months , since march last year , my D drive from my laptop disapeared from Windows Explorer.Then I used my external DVD Writer a Philips which was working normally. Though
from the Device Manager , IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers insisting a little with 'Scan for hardware changes' my DVD Combo of the laptop appeared and I could use it but just once , after that it was gone again.Pretty nasty that even the BIOS didn't see it when it was gone. I could use it this way no matter the external Phillips was attached or not. Two months ago a friend of mine who had about ten DVD-RW (recorded with TV stuff ) asked me the favour to erase all of them .They were with maximum speed 2X , a speed that Philips does'n have so I used with a lot of time The Combo of the laptop. By miracle the problem was gone like it never
was. The laptop is an old Fujitsu Siemens Amilo 1655, 1G RAM 800 Mhz, AMD Turion ML-34 ,1.8 Ghz , HDD 80 Gb using Windos XP SP2 and later SP3.
A two weeks ago , I built up a new
desktop on AMD platform , mobo: Sapphire PC-AM3RS790G - PURE CrossFireX 790GX , CPU AMD PHENOM II 955 3.2 Ghz ,4 Gb RAM Kingston 1333 Ghz , a modest Graphic card SAPPHIRE HD 4550 512MB DDR3 PCI-E FANLESS ( I'm not using the PC for games...) and for now a DVD
Writer SATA LG GH22NS40 Black Dual Layer Secure Disc and a Hard Disk Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 . Using W7 on the new one.
Three days ago I wrote a music CD with the laptop , having attached the external Philips. I switched a little the choice of the player in Nero 7 and chose a speed 4X , so not choosing the MAXIMUM SPEED feature, and wrote the audio CD. Some of the tracks were mp3 transformed from FLV with a FLV Converter. After that the old problem of the laptop appeared again. I still have it. MORE : With a memory stick I installed the FLV Converter ( I didn't think at that time that it could be a problem) into my new PC . I admit I also unplugged the memory stick without turn it off by Windows. The LG DVD disappeared too from Explorer but in the Device Manager
there it was , with a yellow mark on it. It said error 39...!!! The surprize was when I tried to conect the external Philips. It was with the yellow mark too on it in the Device Manager.And there was no DVD drive in Explorer. Now the game with ' Scan for hardware changes ' work no more ... Scanning the memory stick with AVG
and it found something on it, but months ago it was clean and still had this problems...
It's interesting that connecting the Philips to the old laptop it works.
I hope I was not too confusing with my problems...
From all the solutions I saw here that one with the filters didn't work for me ( no filters...), and I think I should pull out the BIOS battery from both computers and instll everything again... But it is such a work... I guess I shall not use Nero 7 and any FLV converter again .
Hope somebody with more experience than I have , could use this story
for some useful help ,not only for me , but for everybody in need...
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  1. Let me make sure I understand the problem that you are trying to have answered. Your laptops DVD/CD writer was working not working, then working fine at 2X while erasing your friends DVD-RW's, and now the laptop's DVD combo drive is working only sometimes again?

    If the DVD writer in the laptop was blinking in and out of the task manager that tells me that something is wrong with the hardware and windows is having problems recognizing it. When you said that it worked at 2 times recording speed like it was brand new I immediately assured myself that it was the drive that was damaged. Is the drive in the laptop replaceable? If you are able to replace the drive in that laptop I would do that.
  2. Thank you for trying to respond and help me. :hello:
    I have already replaced the drive , even installed again ( in the moments it was working ) two different OS (that is ' XP Home Edition ' & ' XP Proffessional' ). I see the then the device , for a few minutes , and after that , like something was present there waiting to change everything again. This blinking forth and back - still present . Even now insisting a little bit with 'Scan for hardware changes' of the ' Secondary IDE channel ' from 'Device Manager' brings it back for once...
    Today I tryied the solution suggested by : '''http://tdb.rpc1.org/#GSA4082N''' for my HL-DT-ST DVD-RW GWA-4082N . Guess what ? It brings back immediately the D drive and when I restart my laptop I still have it there . Moreover , it does not dissapear after a few minutes if I don't use it at once , like before. Too bad it works only till I restart again (the second time )... Then it starts over again to play hide and seek...
    It's odd to me that before , I noticed the led of the DVD-Writer blinking when I turned on the computer , I guess because BIOS was trying to boot first from it and only after it was looking for the Hard Disk.... Since I have this pain ..... the blinking of that led is happening between my command of shutting down and the actual turning off , but not when I turn on the computer. Instead , when I turn on the laptop just before my desktop image appears on the screen I hear a weak sound like a switcher . :??:
  3. I found the lowers filters in the new PC and after I erased them everything came back to normal. Indeed that is a good solution.
    For the laptop, I guess I may have hardware problems too , not only with the driver ,otherwise I can't explain it...
    I'm glad I found this forum , and thanks to everybody for being present on this site, and especially to those who watched my story..
  4. Hi everybody ! :hello:

    It's quite unusually to go on with an old thread , but what I want to post it's all about the argument I posted above and I think it worth it.
    I still have my two computers , a few weeks ago I have made an upgrade of the GPU , installing a HD Radeon 5770 on the desktop and for testing it ,yesterday I installed CPU-Z and CPUHW Monitor. Everything went fine and I came with the idea that I should test my old laptop too... Nothing wrong could come out of this - I thought...
    Running the two programs on the old laptop put back on work the DVD/CD drive again !!!!!!!! :)
    I shut down the laptop several times since then and it's still there , where it should always be . It works fine and there is something more about this...

    This morning a friend of mine came to me, an old retired person who's decided to learn how to use a computer and just bought a very cheap new laptop, a Compaq with 2Gb of RAM , Intel Celeron T3500 2.1 Ghz. Trying to play different disks on his DVD/CD drive using the newest version of VLC , it worked out well with CD audio , DVD but, when we put a VCD into his laptop HIS :ouch: DVD/CD drive was lost that time...

    At first , VLC couldn't open the disk. Then I could look into the disk using Windows Explorer , even I did it open with VLC one video file of the VCD ( a .DAT file ) two times and it worked . However VLC couldn't open the disk as a VCD - program not responding . I stopped it from the Task Manager. Then I tried to open the VCD with Windows Media Player - again program not responding and the CPU was running 100%. The whole laptop was not responding , so I just switch it off from the button. At startup the DVD/CD drive was no more in Explorer or Device Manager.

    By the way , the VCD he gave me - I made it myself for him two years ago after a trip we made together in the mountains. Imagine my face when I realized what happened , my friend knew it only after I told him.
    The good thing came only after , because I tried what I thought it was the solution for my old laptop and running those two testing programs on the Compaq restored his DVD/CD drive back too ! :D

    Obviously I told him not to use that VCD again and he gave it back to me . I don't remember if that VCD was written using ArcSoft, ROXIO or NERO. I only noticed into the Compaq that it was in CDFS .

    I hope this post will help somebody else too :)
  5. just a little note, in the future, don't write an excessive amount of text.
    This is not to be rude in any way, but we don't care about your friends.
    Explain the issue in simple short phrases
    I'm telling you this to help you, a lot of people will skip your post, simply because it's way too long.
    In other words, read the sticky "read this first" before you post.
    Have a nice day :)
  6. dakimaz said:
    just a little note, in the future, don't write an excessive amount of text.
    This is not to be rude in any way, but we don't care about your friends.
    Explain the issue in simple short phrases
    I'm telling you this to help you, a lot of people will skip your post, simply because it's way too long.
    In other words, read the sticky "read this first" before you post.
    Have a nice day :)

    You are right .
    Thank's for for the tip. :)
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