Any RAID1 issues with Samsung Spinpoint F3s?

My soon-to-be-purchased dream system will include an SSD for OS and Software, and two 500 GB HDs for data in a RAID1 array. Have narrowed the field to WD RE3's or Samsung Spinpoint F3's. Are there any known issues with the Spinpoints set up in a RAID1 array?
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  1. IIRC, I've encountered no stories about that. Have you searched the forums?
  2. I have scanned the forums and have found only some references to an issue with WD Blacks not being optimized for RAID, hence their WD RE# models.
  3. I have also scanned the forums with no issues about the spinpoint F3 and Raid 1. On a personal note i had just tried to install my F3 into my qnap TS219P in raid 1 with a disk read/write error on raid 1. After extensive test and trouble shooting it appears the qnap i may be faulty. I have just obtained another one from the reseller and i am yet to try the F3's in this new unit. I will let you know how the results go. If it develops any issue, then i would be suspecting the F3's then.
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