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A user here got a new Dell PC the other day, and I need to put their lightscribe dvd burner in this new PC. It is IDE. But, no IDE controller and, no power connectors for IDE drives.

I bought a IDE to SATA adapter off NewEgg, thinking it had the power connector for a SATA drive. But it does not. I need an adapter that has both the SATA data AND power connector.

Does anyone sell such a thing? I need a IDE to SATA adapter that also can use a SATA power adapter.
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  2. cmichael138 said:

    Ah... an adapter for my adapter :lol: Hey, whatever works. Thank you.
  3. cmichael138 said:

    I just looked a littler closer at that. It's the opposite of what I need. That is for a SATA drive. I have a IDE drive.
  4. I found it. Just ordered some here.
  5. Cool JB! and a nice sale too :)

    I'm looking to connect an internal SATA drive and DVD writer to my IDE PC, probably with an enclosure (unless there's internal adapters that can do that!)

    Actually, the power adaptor from BH Photo would work, but I would still need a SATA to IDE adaptor. Plus I can get a USB external enclosure for a few bucks more.

    Where did you get your first adaptor at, the IDE to SATA one?

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