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Hi all :) hope u are fine :)
well i got my HD 4870X2 but i want to make sure everything is right,because i downloaded the GPU-Z and it shows something like this:


as u see the clocks and some other options are different.

Also in Catalyst center,its something like this:

as u see it says PRIMARY ADAPTER and has the specs of 1 HD 4870 and when i scroll down i have DISABLED ADAPTER which has the specs of the other HD 4870.

Also in ATI overdrive section,the temp of one of the card is 86c whereas the other one is 52c.

so is everything right?
i am using catalyst 8.8 though.

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  1. agha maziar,tabrik migam!!!!che boardi gerefT???saphire ya club???
  2. Yes it's normal. There are a lot of threads dealing with this but in short what I have found is:

    -On startup one core will run in 3d mode and one in 2d mode. Once you have been into and exited a 3d app it will properly return both to 2d mode to save power.

    -One core will always be hotter, it is cooled by hot air already passed over the first core.

    -Default fan speed is too low,(opinion) most of us seem to agree that 35-40 is the best compromise between lower temps and sound. I run at 40% fan speed and idle at around 50 instead of 80 and hit around 75 in games.

    There are a lot of guides out there now explaining how to configure fan profiles, even a video one Kyle did at [H]. The guide I originally used and easy to understand is this one. http://forums.techpowerup.com/showthread.php?t=69003
  3. From what Ive heard, therell be a driver correction coming in Nov-Dec for the fan profiles.
  4. OK thanks :)
    will see that video,so there isnt any problems right?
  5. I wouldn't count on any fan profile. I've been hearing that since I got my 3870x2, yet I'm still using rivatuner to control my fan speed.
  6. It may appear in a driver release. Dont have the link, but it appeared it might be so in a AMD release. We will hear more about it soon
  7. so as i asked there isnt any problems right?
    btw the fan on this card is very good when gaming :)
  8. Maziar, I don't think there is a problem. I went through the same kinds of questions when I first got my 3870x2 because of GPU-z before I finally figured out that my card was working fine.
  9. yeah i searched alot and found out its ok :)
    thanks :)

    well another questions is that take a look @ this :

    u see the little adapter icon? on top of it says ON AC POWER,what is this ?
  10. Look on Start > Control Panel > Power Options to see if that icon is due to a setup there. I recall seeing that on my PC before, but I don't remember exactly how I got it there in the first place.
  11. yeah its the same one in the control panel.
  12. I have the same problem with 4870x2 in Windows XP only, so I dont think this is normal. When I run 3D-Mark in XP, I get half the score as comparing with running on Windows Vista. In Windows Vista, both adapters are enabled even when idling at start up. I an still searching for an answer.
  13. hey a queestion im looking forward to buy oine of these cards...
    i just dont know if my 880W will be enough...
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