Multiple drivers, 'Data Invalid' message

I have three devices I cannot seem to get installed on this machine.

System stats:
Windows XP SP3, up to date on patches
AMD Duron p
1.8 GHz, 768MB ram (I know... it's an oldie.)

Gigabyte 7VM700M-RZ
# Northbridge : VIA KM400
# Southbridge : VIA 8235
# Super I/O : ITE IT8705F

The 3 devices I'm having issues with:
Onboard sound - Realtek AC97
USB Web Cam - Some no-name
Multi-Function device - Canon MX340

The sound card is listed as 'Multimedia Audio Controller' in Device Manager.

The properties say 'The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)'

I downloaded the latest from Gigabyte. When I install the drivers, they finish saying 'Cannot install, invalid data'.

I tried setting permissions in the registry for the device to Everyone - Full... still no good.
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  1. Bump...
    Any thoughts? Please?

    What can I try?
  2. Update the BIOS and chipset drivers first. Then try the drivers. Also a long shot, try different RAM.
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