Watercooling 920 and 5870

Hi! I am new to watercooling and after reading quite a few forums and online guides I had a couple questions.

I am going to be building a new system with these specs:
ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 Mobo
Intel i7 920
Ati Radeon 5870
2 x raptor hdds
1600 DDR3 Corsair Dominator (3x2g)

and I decided to venture into watercooling with this...The equipment I was looking at buying for this was :

-Swiftech MCP655 12 VDC Pump
-Swiftech MCR320 (120.3) or two 120.2's
-Swiftech Apogee GTZ (CPU waterblock)
-still looking at current reviews for GPU coolers (most likely going wiht DangerDen or EK )

I was thinking of using one of these two loops for just my CPU / GPU:

Res - pump - rad - cpu - gpu -back to res


Res - pump - rad - cpu - rad - gpu - back to res

would these loops work? would they be efficent and keep a decent flow rate?

Also, I was wondering if I needed to add any watercooling for my ramm or motherboard, like chipset / NB/ SB/ Voltage reg or if that would just be overkill.

Thanks in advance to anyone that posts and I am truely sorry if your IQ dropped while reading this! :)
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  1. You'll be fine just cooling the GPU/CPU. No one (except the uninformed or just for the crazyness of it) WC their ram, no need to. You don't need to WC the NB/SB on a i7 platform.

    Either loop would be fine, the water dif anywhere in the loop is less than 2c difference.

    And you will for sure, no doubt need at least the 120 x 4 total rad solution, so 120x2 times two.

    Look at the new GTZ XT block, Swiftech's newest one. And the DDC3.2 with an aftermarket top like the XSPC restop. But the MCP655 is enough for you.
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