Asus P6T deluxe with creative sound card

I'm thinking about getting an asus P6T motherboard for my new rig with a creative XF-I Titanium sound card...since asus already make sound cards (xonar) am I leaning towards compatibility problems with this set-up??? Anyone using asus mobos with creative sound cards without problems??

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  1. I installed my fatal1ty Platinum on my P5Q deluxe, no issues at all, however, I am running XP 32bit. Look at Asus' latest sound card (may not be released yet). I think it is the Xonar Deluxe?
  2. I'm running an X-fi Titanium Fatal1ty edition on my P6T and Vista Ultimate x64, and it's running fine. No problems at all.
  3. cjl said:
    I'm running an X-fi Titanium Fatal1ty edition on my P6T and Vista Ultimate x64, and it's running fine. No problems at all.

    i also hv the p6t deluxe with vista ultimate x64 but it cannot detect my x-fi extreme gamer. what's your setting.
    how did you do that..

    i've disabled the onboard soundcard and uninstalled it.
    but it keeps installed back
    and the xfi extreme gamer still, undetected.

    any suggestion how to make the card detected? what to check, etc?

    really appreciate any help
    thx before!!
  4. On a closely related subject, I just bought the P6T and I'm thinking about adding the Creative X-Fi Titanium (not the Fatal1ty edition). My interest is music, not Gaming. Two questions -
    1) Any comments on sound quality vs. the integrated sound?
    2) Is Stereo-Mix (aka What U Hear or Wave out) available with the integrated soundcard drivers? How about with the X-Fi card and drivers?
  5. The sound quality of the x-fi is excellent - one of my main uses for it is music (hooked to a Denon 2808, with B&W 685 mains and an SVS 16-46 PC Plus sub), and I have absolutely no complaints at all. As for the Stereo Mix, I haven't found it, and it's my only complaint about the card.

    As for your question rudytoms, I have no idea. I just plugged mine into the top PCI-E slot, installed the drivers, and it worked. Yours is PCI though, so I don't have any experience with it.
  6. Thanks, cjl' for the response regarding the sound quality.

    Regarding, Stereo Mix, I believe Creative calls it "What U Hear."
    There is a lot of conflicting information on the web about whether it works or not, but Creatives support site seems to say it should work. See
  7. Asus P6T Deluxe and X-Fi Fatality FPS Edition (PCI). No problems here.

    rudytoms - have you installed the correct drivers?
  8. I've got an old X-Fi Xtreme Music PCI card and I can't get it working in my P6T Deluxe, at all. The BIOS will not even boot-up with the card installed. It was working fine on the P4 I ripped it out of...

    Any ideas?

    By the way, the onboard sound of the P6T Deluxe is absolutely appalling. I read somewhere that it's only got 16bit sampling. Anyway, it sound like garbage.
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