SATA 1.5 Gb/s to SATA 3 Gb/s ??

Hi Guys and Gals,
Please excuse my ignorance, I have 2 WD Raptors 150 Gb. (1.5 Gb/s). Is there a controller to make them ( 3 Gb/s) ?
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  1. The drive is what it is, a different controller won't help. It's like asking a moped to keep up with the traffic on the German Autobahn...

    The sustained transfer rate of a Raptor is slower than that anyway, so even if you could somehow convert it to SATA Version 2 it wouldn't actually change the real-world performance.
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    No, you will not be able to make your Raptors into SATA II drives.
    Not a big issue though, SATA II is fully compatible with SATA I drives and vice verse.
    As with above, your drive is no where close to using the full bandwidth of SATA I, you will see no changes in performance.
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