pc shut down 5 minutes after start to play game

Hello to all.
i have a brand new computer. i like to play once in a while needs for speed game.the problem is that after 5 minutes playing the game the pc shut down by itself and i have to wait 3 to 4 minutes to turn it back on.it only happens with this game .i also run flight simulator for hours without problems.

the system is :
Intel core 2 duo cpu
e7200@2.53 ghz

2.0 gb ram

xp ver 2002 service pack 3

power supply 400 watts

ati radeon x1650 series , graphic card

anyone have an idea of the problem?
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  1. Update the driver and check if there's a patch for the game.
  2. EDIT: oops, I'm guilty of skimming your post and missed the part about it only happening in Need for Speed and not Flight Sim. Still though sounds very much like a heat issue to me! CPU-Z and GPU-Z will give you quick numbers that you can compare with online for average/safe temps.

    You're probably over heating. What are you using for cooling the processor and case? Is the case inside a cabinet or in the open? Room temperature? What's happening is your CPU and GPU get running at full speed and are generating much more heat than when they idle, and the sensors are shutting the system down to prevent perma damage.

    Easy way to test this is to pop the side of the case off and fire up the games again and see if it shuts down as fast. If they go longer with the side of the case off then it's definitely a heat issue since the heat won't be trapped in the case with the side off. Point a fan at the open side too if you want.

    If it is heat there's a bunch of things you may need to do. re-seat the CPU/heatsink, add fans, etc.

    Another thing to consider is teh brand of PSU you are using. A poor quality PSU could be an issue as well, but it's faster and easier to check heat first. Download CPU-Z and GPU-Z for quick numbers as well on heat.

    Good luck!
  3. Motherboard can also be an issue that causes rebooting likes this. I had 2 dell's that would just randomly reboot. I swapped out everything, until I narrowed it down to the motherboard. ECS and Foxconn for the loss :|
  4. The pc do not reboot is just shut down.
  5. Any more info you could give us about the power supply?
    make/model/amperage on the 12V rail/etc.

    And download realtemp or coretemp for cpu temperature monitoring, though as it works with flight simulator, I'm pretty sure it is not a overheating issue. But it's worth to it check out.

    You could also download memtest86+ and run it over night to test the memory for errors, but usually memory errors result in a blue screen and reboot.
  6. ok i will look at the power supply tonight and post the info.thanks
  7. The power supply is an A ps 450 watts.
  8. ^lol if thats all there is on the psu itself, I'd say it's PoS and can't handle the load when the gpu kicks in, Flight simulator is so cpu bound that it doesn't really put that much load on the gpu. Though the X1650 only draws about 50W but that might be enough for the psu to trip...

    Get something with decent brand, Corsair, Antec, PC Power&Cooling, Silverstone, OCZ, Enermax or something similar around 400-500W range.
  9. Heck even Thermaltake and dare I say it Rosewill, (rosewill has definitely improved, especially with their higher end power supplies. http://www.jonnyguru.com/modules.php?name=NDReviews&op=Story4&reid=60 http://www.jonnyguru.com/modules.php?name=NDReviews&op=Story4&reid=32)
    I would get the 430-watt thermaltake that is sooo popular on newegg.
  10. hi friends

    i just open the case and found the processor loose. i bring this machine on a plane and maybe the shaking loose the processor.i also install a pci fan and is working like a champ. thanks to all for the help.
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