How come computer startup is slower than before when I remove ...


How come my computer startup is slower than before when I removed and replaced the same ram? I only took it out to check the info of the ram, then when I put it back in, the comp starts up very slow. At the boot up screen, the comp sees the 1gb of ram but it's like it's not using it. The loading takes forever to boot up, about 5-10mins. When I check the system properties, it says 1Gb of ram and physical address extension. I have tried turning off comp to remove ram n put it back a couple time but still slow.

Can anyone please help me out?

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  1. Test the ram and ensure it's running stable AND at the same speed you were using it at before. It's possible that you damaged it in some subtle way. You can run a program like memtest to check the ram. If you ram runs without any errors and is definitely running at the same speed as before, then, assuming you did not touch any other components while removing the ram, perhaps it is just coincidence?

    Also, did you install anything before turning your computer off? Or install any updates to anything? Does your computer constantly take that long? If it functions fine but loads slowly, you should run hardware tests (such as the aforementioned memory test) and software tests - boot from a live cd and run a virus scan, run an antirootkit tool, etc.
  2. There was any update that I installed which required a restart. Normally the comp should only take 2 mins max.
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