ASUS M3A78-EM Problem dont work anymore. Desperate Help


Mother ASUS M3A78- em I bought this thing 4 days ago together with new AMDCPU 4850e, WD640 hardd,corsair xms2 4gb 800mhz.
So since the first day i installed everything running normal but in the Monitor screen when the background had something completly BLACK i could see some lightning white dots running on the left side of the screen.
So i upgraded all newest ATI drivers and mobo and everything the lighting dots still there.. Then other problems i noticed was getting random reboots sometimes.
Also i tried playing a game, maxpayne2 so when i got into the game playing for about 1 or 2minutes the computer shutsdown itself.

the PSU is 430watts, so that wouldnt be a problem since is the one i use now.

This is all i know so if any can help resolve this, thanks
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  1. change the voltage of the ram to 1.9v

    I had similar problems and this fixed it.

    The ram is meant to be used at higher than the standard 1.8v
  2. Did that work for you, hardboiled?

    I'm building the same M3A78-EM / AMDx2 4850e based system, and I'm looking at all the issues surrounding RAM. (for extra info, I'll also be using a GeForce 8600GT)

    Are there any solid RAM recommendations? All I find are people with a mound of trouble shooting to do.

    Any best practices out there regarding RAM for this Mother Board?
  3. I am using Kingston 1GB DDR2 PC2-5300 RAM sticks
    1GB Each total of 22Gigs DDR2, works great with a500 Watt PSU
    But I need the mother boards drivers for windows 2003 Server, please comment
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