Upgrade from 8800 GTS 320... been a while


I haven't been following graphic cards for the past year. I was looking for a $300 upgrade that would be a HUGE boost to my current card (if possible, maybe there isn't one).

I loved my Nvdia card, but have heard about issues with their cards lately? I also heard ATI has some really great cards out. However, I'm not really partial to ATI, as I have little confidence in the AMD company & about a year ago… their cards were HOT. All else being equal, I'd go with Nvidia.

I checked out the graphs, and it looks like I can get an 80% improvement if I get a 260 gtx???

I'm running a Q6600 2.4ghz, 6gb ram, Vista 64. Playing games mostly. Will my processor completely bottleneck up my upgrade?

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  1. For $300, look at the 9800gx2. It's one of the best dual-gpu cards at the moment.
  2. i had the 9800gx2 i didnt like it to much. its a good card really fast but noisy and hot. i would give the 4870 a shot its a really good card but if u dont want to get it i would recommend a gtx260 and sli it later on.
  3. It is noisy and hot. I recommended it because he didn't really want to go ATI, and (IMO) it's the best nvidia card without going sli.
  4. Isn't the 4870 > $500? I was looking for a single card solution.
  5. The 4870 is about $260. The best nvidia single card solution for that price is probably the gtx260.
  6. Twisted_Sister said:
    Isn't the 4870 > $500? I was looking for a single card solution.

    ^ That's the 4870X2. Pretty much two 1GB 4870s slapped together (with a few improvements).
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