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I once installed a program called PC Booster..when I got it right after I installed I tried running it.It is a program made to clean and fix your system through scanning your specific driver and mostly, I included programs installed in my computer.There is a space box in the font and I included it.After a successful scanning my system was crushed.My fonts are now unreadable.I installed tahoma so i could read all the fonts in my computer.But the problem is I couldnt set font in windows and it seemed so ugly.I scanned through command promt with sfc \scannow but still nothing happens.What should i do?Does anyone out there who can help this problem?
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  1. Did you by any chance download this "PC Booster" program from an advert on a web page somewhere? If you did, most of them are usually not what they claim to be and can actually be harmful to your PC.

    Anyway, do you have a System Restore Point set prior to the corruption? Also, assuming the program is genuine, does it have a "Restore" feature? Usually programs like that should save a copy of the registry or the file(s) being changed/removed just in case of an error.
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