RealTek8192U Connection issues When Downloading Torrents

I'm currently using a Realtek 8192U Wireless N USB NIC with the included software and it keeps randomly disconnecting only while I'm using a torrent program. It's not the router becuase my other pc works fine. This comptuer works fine also when connected cable directly to the router. It shows as being connected but I don't get any packets sent or received. The Included software shows no Tx Errors or Rx ICV Errors. But does show a high amount of Rx Retries. Almost half of the Rx Packets end up in retries. It's weird. I've tried using the Windows Config to manage the connection and get the same results. My signal strength is always about 75% and the link quality is very jumpy. It jumps from between 49% and 100%. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Wireless signals can be interfered with by cordless phones, microwave ovens
    and other wireless devices on the same channel.

    When it comes to Network connections:
    Wired is best.
    PCI wireless adapter is second.
    USB wireless adapter is third.

    Could be a bad USB adapter.

    Try this utility to check for other access points on your channel.
    Also to monitor signal strength with it.
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