Thermaltake BlueOrb mini?

How about this stuff:

thermaltake Blue Orb Mini

I'm using it on my Core 2 Duo E6300 and maybe in the future i want to upgrade to core 2 quad Q6700.
Could this "baby" handle it?
Anyone had experience with that cooler?

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  1. Why do you want that hsf? THere are so many better/ cheaper ones. Like the Core contact freezer.
  2. I really don't think you'll see good temps at all, if you overclock, definately not a good heatsink.

    Look here for a good HS choice. You won't need a very top notch HS, so your choices are limitless.
  3. Core contact freezer? can u show me link about that?
    I'm not about to overclock my cpu, i'm just want to know whether my hsf is enough to cooling a q6700...
    My blue orb is 1 year old, and if u guys think that not good enough then i could start saving money to buy a new one... (wew... :( )
  4. Type Core Contact Freezer into Google.
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