Corsair Dominator DDR2 1066 with Asus P5K Mobo ?'s

I have an Asus P5K Motherboard which supports up to DDR2 1066 natively with it memspeed tech... recently I upgraded from DDR2-800 to 1066... Now it will boot in 800 speed just fine.. but when i try to configure DRAM in BIOS ot the 1066 speed it never gets past the window logo screen... Do I have to maually change timings? voltage? Memory that I am using is 4 sticks of 1024 MB Corsair Dominator. Please Help.
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  1. Yes do it manually,set the timings and voltages manually and see what happens.
    If that didnt work,update the BIOS.
  2. Ive tried that. Problem is i dont know what timings and voltages to set it to...
  3. Look @ the package of your RAM or on the DIMs or go to the corsair site and look for its specs.
  4. Use the link below and find your memory under the MEMORY tab. There is a data sheet for your memory there giving you the recommended timings and voltage.
  5. Hi,
    if you take a look at the "Qualified Vendors List" in your P5K motherboard manual, you will see that you can only use 2 sticks of 1066 RAM at one time, either in the black or yellow slots.

    At 800Mhz you can use 4 sticks of most memory brands.

    If you want a 4Gb 1066 machine, you need 2 sticks of Kingston KHX8500D2K2/2GN . There may be a more up to date list on the asus website.

    The timings for my Corsair Ram are 5-5-5-18... watch out because older versions of Asus BIOS default to 5-5-5-15.

    When I upgraded to the latest version of BIOS using ASUSUpdate windows tool it auto-detected the timings properly.

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