Is my PSU powerful enough for a Radeon HD 3850??

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could let me know if my system has the power to run a PowerColor Radeon HD 3850 512mb AGP
I have an Allied AL-A400ATX PSU
I also found this, but i am not quite sure if this means my computer will be ok,1726-18.html

Thanks in Advance for the Help!

My System: Asus K8NE-Deluxe, AMD 64 Athlon 3200+, 2gb ram
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  1. I wouldnt have thought it would be good enough, It is always best to use the best PSU you can afford. I understand if its the one that came with the computer and you are looking to upgrade but it really is too weak to chance it.
    Thats my opinion anyway
  2. The answer is no. Your single +12 rail with 17 amps on your powersupply will not power up the HD 3850 and all your components on your system.

    You should worry more about the total amps on your +12 rails more than the total watts on your powersupply.

    Most people would recommend at least 30 amps on the +12 rails, but you should be able to run the HD 3850 with a minimum of 22-25 amps on the +12 rails on the powersupply.

    You are going to need to buy a new powersupply that can output more amps on the +12 rails if you want to run the HD 3850.
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