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I have a folder on my windows xp NTFS no system drive (d drive), i used to put stuff read/write into this folder normally, yesterday i tried to open this folder using windows explorer and it did not open at all. i just get the alert sound and nothing happens. I tried to right click and see the properties of this folder and it saus 0 byters and no other option is available. i know twhere is some 300 mb files in there.

What should i Do?

I assume that there should't be any virus because i use registered KaspersSky antivrus software.
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  1. Did you play around with file permissions maybe on the folder or drive? Turn off simple file sharing if you have it on (Open any folder, go to Tools, Folder Options, View Tab, uncheck the options (should be the bottom one)). Then right-click on the folder, go to Security, make sure the folder rights are there for users.

    Anything get installed or uninstalled before this happened?
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