Legacy Gateway "Fedora" Board (Intel Easton) & Tualatin

I'm trying to get the Lin Lin adapter to work with a Tualatin 1.4/512/133 cpu on this Gateway board. I believe the board came from a Gateway Performance 933, I no longer have the computer itself, just the motherboard. The relevant part numbers on the board are A19243-204 and 4000622. The board was called the "Fedora" by Gateway, looks a lot like the Intel "Easton" board. The Aida program identifies it as a D815EEA, which is the Easton. The current BIOS on the board is the last one offered by Gateway EA81510A.15A.0012.P09. Apparently, the Intel Easton board (Intel version) can support the Lin Lin adapter with BIOS versions P10 and P11, but not P09 and prior. I attempted to load these, but it would not take--"incorrect board" or some other similar message. I set up the Lin Lin adapter w/ 1.45v, 1.5v, and 1.6v w/ 133FSB, none worked, no post, hard drive light stays on, cpu fan runs. I'm guessing the board is just not recognizing the cpu. The voltage regulator on this board is the SC1185ACSW, which should work for the voltages I tested. At this point, I'm believing that the outdated Gateway BIOS is the problem and I'm out of luck getting this to work on this board because the Intel versions that do work don't take, am I correct or are there other things to try?
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  1. Why are you bothering with something that old, and even worse, trying to put an adapter on Gateway board as it would be a miracle if it would actually work? Hopefully you are just experimenting and not attemting to build something you can actually use.
    The BIOS not flashing is likely because the board cannot support the features and settings of the newer BIOS. The Gateway board is going only going to support specifically what it was built for. A minor processor upgrade of the exact same family is the best you could ever hope for.
    An old leftover Gateway motherboard is best simply used as frisbee aimed preferably towards a recycling container.
  2. Board does what I need it to do just fine, why add to the landfills? I did a BIOS recovery procedure to load in the Intel BIOS and it took, as described here:

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