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I am working on a system that will not load windows setup, loads files into memory but wont go past that. The MB is ecs a790gxm (black) with a 955 phenom black and crutical 1066 memory part # ct25664ba1339.16ff. The stock settings that the board assigns to the parts are: 1.6V to memory at 667Mhz 9-9-9-24 CPU: 8X 1600Mhz at 1.55V NB: 4X 800Mhz listing current clock speeds up top as 3.2Ghz 1.35V and 2Ghz NB CPU/HT reference is at 200Mhz. HT freq is set to auto. the specs i have looked up say the CPU needs a 12X multiplier an when i select it the graph shows the cpu at 3.2Ghz but after reboot it will not post, voltage is set to 1.5. I am unable to load windows with any config.

I do not understand the relationship between all the clocks so first off could someone give me a link on what is linked to what on these new boards, last amd i OC'd was a FX-60. I am trying to get this to run at stock speeds but it is not working, i am thinking its a bad MB but want to know what you all think before i write it off.
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  1. basicly im looking for information on how the clocks are set, what they are multiplied with and what each clock physicly does on the MB. also im looking for input on what might be wrong with my clients machine.
  2. here are some links to get you caught up,2161.html

    if your base clock is set to 200, then your memory clock is determined by base clock : mem ratio (duh), and then doubled because of dual channel.

    the 4x northbridge multiplier sets your NB to 800 like you've said (200x4), I've heard though that this is supposed to be close to the HT link.

    But something is also strange, The HT link should be and is set to 2000, (at least for my PII 945 could be a little different for a 955). But the CPU reading you gave me isn't right 8x 200 is 1600, but the stock setting is 3200.

    So you should have a 16x multiplier right (16x200) is 3200.

    I'm assuming the bios is set to defaults.

    And the voltage seems high.
  3. thanks for giving me these links, assuming the customer has not picked up his comp im gonna give some new values a shot.
  4. I experienced a VERY similar problem installing Windows 7. My problem? Bad memory. Memtest86+ is your friend. 2 new modules later, I had a perfectly stable system... passes Memtest86+ and Prime95 just fine.
  5. we have swaped the ram twice. my queston now is: 400Mhz ram frequency X 200Mhz reference clock is 800Mhz doubled to make ddr its at 1600Mhz but the ram is rated for 1066... or 1333 the board does not support 1600Mhz ram by the manual... what am i missing?
  6. Run Memtest86+. Even if your RAM is good, if your board is undervolting it, running it too fast, etc... you could still have stability problems due to memory errors. The ISO for MemTest86+ is like 3 MB. Don't be lazy. Download it, burn it, run it. At least this way you'll know if memory (or perhaps just memory settings) is the culprit. If you can pass Memtest86+, you're free to look elsewhere for your problem.
  7. Where is the 400mhz ram frequency coming from for 1066 memory, the frequency should be 667
    so it works like this
    200mhz base clock x (mem to base ratio) or 3.3:1 (for 1066 memory) x 2 (for ddr) = speed.

    The mem to base ratio might be called something different in the BIOS, or have different numbers, that look like mem speeds (before ddr). The base clock of 200 x the ratio will give you these numbers. so the ratio is it divided by 200.

    If you increase the base clock the ratio stays the same.
  8. ok, i was taking the drm frequency of 400/533/667 and multiplying to ht ref clock of 200 then doubling so i got it now. mem 86 gives the ram a pass, the mb is giving .1V over stock value. 1.6 instead of 1.5. the system. im only using 1 stick of 1066 ram right now. ill throw a post up with my math and what i set the clocks to in a couple min
  9. CPU multi = (default 8X at 1.6Ghz) i have set to 16 to make 3.2Ghz
    NB = (default 4X 800Mhz) i set to 10X by 200 ref clock to make 2Ghz NB clock
    CPU voltage is at 1.550V by default, i have changed setting to 1.35V
    dram freq = 533 (mem test reports this at 1067Mhz) 7-7-7-20 auto set timings (i can not find a factory sheet on the stock timings of the ram)
    bank interleiving is disabled, dram timing is auto, chanel interleiving = (default value of XOR of address bits [20:16, 6]
    advanced clock calebration = disabled
    auto detect dimm/pci clock = disabled
    ref clock = 200Mhz
    spread spectrim = disabled
    ht frequency = auto by default. my options are 200, 400, 600, 800, 1Gghz or 2Ghz. i assume this should be set to 2Ghz.
    voltage function setting are at default values: dimm = 1.6V, NB = 1.15V SB = 1.2V\
    DDR3 memory profile is disabled.

    these are ALL the settings i have in MIB II. i also have C&Q disabled. any suggestions, btw at these settings it will not post.
  10. but it will post on the default settings just not boot right?

    what about set to optimal defaults and safe defaults?

    BIOS up to date?

    do you have another mobo to check the CPU? and likewise another chip to test the mobo?

    just weird, might want to double check settings that the 955 should be set to (default) with someone who actually ones one, but they look right according to common sense and my PII 945.

    send it back, though that would delay the time you got it to your customer.
  11. yes under default lowered settings it posts but wont load windows. it loads the files to ram then sits at the green bar scrolling for vista and thats it. bios is up to date and there are no optimum defaults, just 1 singular default option that sets damn near every setting to its lowest value.
  12. ^sorry man, that blows
    Can you check the components using different computers/hardware?
  13. i have no parts to swap out with... its not my unit, its a clients but im so out of the loop when it comes to amd... i run an i7 oc'd to just over 5Ghz but with this amd im havin a hell of a time. im thinking its a bad MB. shouldnt the bios detect the cpu and set the values at least some what close? this is making me think that the MB has no idea what this cpu is.
  14. Yeah, thats usually how it works. And CPU's usually have better quality control then mobo's (though the one I have right now is given me a hellava time with it's high temps and problems OC'ing arrggg)

    What are you using to get that i7 to five ghz's? cause thats impressive.

    Sent the MOBO back if you can, and if you want send the CPU back just to be sure (if you can and it's not a hassle).

    AMD is starting to loose favor with me and there CPU's but i have amd stuff and intel is expensive.

    at least they make nice GPU's
    well good luck.
  15. im running tri 3X120mm rads with 1/2' tubing blocks on mosfet/ram/nb/sb/cpu/and 3 video cards
  16. Sick, what case? I was going to go watercooling at some point, and just spend a little money on cheaper air cooling now. But I'm three heatsinks in and a couple fans now.

    I kept thinking it was my cooler, but now I think it is my CPU which just runs Hot (so hot that with stock cooling and load for a couple hours it would probably break 70), and I can't return it because it's too late.

    And now i'm thinking about risking the warranty to lap it so my temps can decrease, but then I can't send it back to AMD claiming it's too hot, ( or if it does actually fail).

    Anyways end of rant but the point is my funds are all dried up :(
  17. custom case. steel welded into a frame and transparent blue arcylic panels. i sort of built off of a case i saw on some overclocking forums. the cooling system cost about 850.00 its all peiced together from a few different manufacures. DD was one of them, i forget the others now. what ever ones had the best ratings.
  18. Sick, yeah 850 is a lot to spend just to cool your computer and even a basic WC setup will run about if not more 200 (for a good one). just a lot of dough to drop, though I sure wish I could/had
  19. well as long as you stay away from the kits then it will be a good system
  20. Yep, and I've found newegg actually has some pretty good deals on stuff, just not a not of it
    like the mcp655 pump, for 75$, vs 105 from frozen CPU

    well I just RMA'd one of my coolers, along with some fans, maybe with a good WC and some lapping I can get down to normal temps.

    Well I hope your problem works out, whatever your going to do (return it, junk it, shoot it, burn it)

    sorry I couldn't fix it, but i did get you up to speed on AMD clocks ;) though they're not that much different
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