Changing OS around. Mirroring HDD and changing boot loader

Not sure if this counts as a hardware question, but I have a two fold problem.

I have a new HDD, it is larger and faster then the one I am using at present so I want my OS to run off that one, so essentially I want to mirror my OS to that disc. I am wondering what the best way to do that is. I have Win 7.

Regarding my second issue. I have two OS's on my computer, both Win 7. I want to dispose and format of one of them. The problem is the bootloader is located on that partition (the one I want to get rid of). To try and keep things simple I am going to call them C partition (the old one, the one I want to format, and the one that the bootloader is located on) and D partition (my default partition, the one I want to keep and the one I want the bootloader to be on). Does anyone know of a way to get rid of C and replace it with D?
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  1. For both purposes, you can try to use disk cloning software like Norton Ghost or Clonezilla. Before you do anything however, make sure to back up everything!
  2. Ok, I understand how to clone my drive, but how to I go about formatting the main partition so my bios boots to the "D" drive?
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