New Internet/school/Video encoding PC Build

yes another new system build but I need it for multiple things

Case/PSU: antec sonataIII 500w 100$
Mobo: gigabyte p35 85$
Cpu: Q6600 180$
Video Card: EVGA 9500gt 80$
Ram: 2 or 4gb of OCZ Platnum 50-100$
HDD: WD320 Gb 75$
Cd/DVD: any 30$
OS: WIN XP Home OEM 90$
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  1. You can get a better graphic card for just about the same price. Check out the HD3870, 9600GT, HD3850. SATA for HD and burner. Good solid budget build. For an XP system 2GB of RAM is usually fine, get quality DDR2 800 1.8v with low latencies
  2. I don't need a good graphics card Im just encoding/decoding movies also transferring to mpeg4
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