ok i am a cit student and a friend gave me his comp to fix, he completley deleted his hardrive. no os. i am trying to do a recovery with a cd, but i cant get it to boot from the cd. i cant get to anything except seysem setup or boot menu and all i get is windows root/system32\hd dll
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Download THIS, connect the your friend's disk to your computer, boot from the CD an in recovery tools, use the volkovcommander.

    Another option is that install the OS again, and use Active File Recovery to recover your friend's data and files
  2. thanx for all the info. I have a recovery disk buit when i put it in nothing happens , i have set it to boot from cd , but it doesnt come up. i know the disk works cause i tried it in y pc. i can get it to the advanced start up options but bo mater what i push it goes to windows default and then i get this missing or corrupt file windows root\ system 32\hd dl
  3. Within the BIOS Setup system where you specify the Boot Priority Sequence, set it to boot from the optical drive first and NO other option after that. This may force the BIOS to not even look at any hard drive it finds connected and allow you to complete booting from the CD.

    In either case, it may be easier to use the right software recovery tools on this drive if it were mounted temporarily as just another data storage drive in a different known-good computer. Then you could install the software tools on that computer's hard drive and use them from there on the recovery target unit. After you've done the recovery you could then re-install it in its original home.

    If your desire is to recover absolutely everything possible from the "deleted" hard drive, I would NOT re-install the OS on it. It would be better to start with recovery software. The puzzle is, which type, since you don't specify what is meant by "deleted".

    If the friend just used "Delete" commands to get rid of all the files he could find, it may not be too hard to recover. If the action was to Format the drive, it still should be do-able with data recovery tools like GetDataBack. (They have two versions, depending on whether the original File system was older FAT32 / DOS, or more recent NTFS, and their website makes a good set of free trial tools available. Read the explanations / instruction on their website.) If the friend actually Deleted the Partition structure of the drive, you might need to use Partition Recovery software first to restore that.
  4. hey thats a good idea about putting it in anither system, im not sure what he did lol. but im nit worried about retriving anything. jusy getting it up and runnung. he said he went to add and remove programs and deleted the whole c drive. i even swapped out the cd drive to make sure that wasnt the problem but it still didnt work. but i will try swapping the hard drive to another pc. I will let you know if it works
    thanks again
  5. OK, so if your plan is simply to wipe this unit completely clean and start fresh, the process ought to be simple. Once you have it connected into another computer running Windows, you can use the tools in its Disk Management for the job. Basically you will do three steps there. The first is to Delete any and all Partitions that it may appear to have until it is all just "Unallocated Space". Then you Create a new Primary Partition of a size you want. It could be all of the drive's space, or it could be less, allowing you to Create another Partition afterward. If you chose to create more than one Partition, each one of them will be treated by Windows as a completely separate "Drive" with its own letter name, even though they all are located on one physical unit. The last step is to Format each of the Partitions (drives) you create. Sometimes Windows Disk Management will pop up a Wizard to help you here, and it will make the Partition and Format operations for one Partition appear to be one unified step instead of two.

    For details, look at this previous post of mine:

    For your purposes, ignore the first paragraph. Then as you start at the beginning of my fourth paragraph, BEFORE you do the Creation of any new Partition on this old drive from the friend, You RIGHT-click on any Partition it appears to have and Delete the Partition. Do this until there are NO Partitions left on it, then proceed to start creating the new one(s).
  6. ok this is what i ended up doing. for some reason it wouldnt boot from the cd. i know it works cause i tried it on mine. I couldnt put the hard drive in my pc cause mine is ide his is sata. but i heard some dells you can push control f11. so i tried it and it worked lol it went straight to the recovery console. thank you so much . you all were great help .
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