Dell XPS and SSD Drives

I am looking at buying a dell XPS computer and it doesn't come with an SSD drive. I'm looking at buying one on I know the intel x25-m g2 is supposed to be the best one but the OCZ EX is also very good. If I buy this drive do I need some sort of adapter to install it in the computer? Do I need some other controller card or can I use the internal one?
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  1. No, like hard disks, SSDs use the same connector (SATA) to plug into your XPS' motherboard. Before your spend lots of money on an SSD however, you should ask if its really necessary. The speed benefits are tremendous and proven, but if all you're doing with the XPS is surf and type reports, you're wasting money.
  2. Not necessarily a waste of money....even if only surfing and typing, you'll gain battery life and reduce heat production.
  3. You learn read this to learn more about HDD VS SSD then make your choice.
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