How can i hook my computer upto my HDTV


I had a question about how to hook-up my computer upto my tv.

Panasonic 53" Plasma TV
Dell Dimension 3000

What would i have to buy to get both video and audio to transmit from my computer to my tv thru a hdmi cable? I have SVGA and normal audio output.

Would the ASUS GeForce 9600GT Video card work with my computer and do what i want it to do? (send both audio and video to the tv) or would i have to get some sort of card.

-Thanks Triplep92
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  1. Ummmm thats going to be kinda hard to get setup on your TV. I just looked up the tech specs for that computer and it doesn't look good.

    The computer that your trying to setup doesn't have PCI-E or AGP so the only thing your stuck with would be a PCI expansion video card.

    If you really have your heart set on getting this computer on your TV then I would suggest this card right here.

    With that card it comes with a DVI to HDMI converter so all you'll have to do is buy the HDMI cable to set everything up.

    Question.... What kind of video playback are you going to be trying to do with that computer??? I'm asking because I don't know if you'll be able to get smooth HD playback if thats what your trying to do. Also have you done any upgrades to the system or is it completely factory stock.

    Hope this helped.
  2. Thanks for the Help!

    the computer is all upgraded other than the motherboard and video card, planning on changing both soon. i just stated what type of computer it was because i wasn't sure which video card was already in there. and i was planning on doing just basic, movies and short videos, i was going to throw this computer away so i was like....why not just try to hook it up to the tv =).

    Thanks again for your advice!
  3. If all you're doing is hooking the computer up to the TV for basic DVD/File viewing, you don't need to add anything special, hardware-wise. If the TV has a VGA and audio input (most newer HDTVs do), then just connect the VGA out on the PC to the VGA in on the TV. Your TV should also have an audio input that you can connect to the audio out on your PC. You will need to download and install some sort of DVD player software onto your PC, but many DVD movies actually come with that software.

    In my setup, I have an ATI HD2600Pro and I'm using one DVI port to the HDMI input on my TV (via a DVI --> HDMI cable) and the other DVI port to the VGA input on my projector (via a DVI --> VGA adapter). Audio goes from my on-board audio to my receiver. If I were just connecting a single display, I wouldn't need the HD2600Pro. I could just connect the TV to the on-board VGA port.

    -Wolf sends

    -Wolf sends
  4. provided you can get your computer to support the 9600GT, then yes it will work. but i would suggest you take a look at the modern ATI cards. they support audio through the DVI port with an HDMI adapter. this is a bit easier to work with than with an nvidia card which requires a separate cable to connect the card to an audio source.
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